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Agility Training

Weave Pole Set (Practice)

Agility trainers all say the same thing. The weaves are the hardest for your dog to master, so it is essential to have a set at home! And if you get a set that can be used both outside and inside, all the better! Here is a set that is lightweight, portable, and also very versatile. The poles can be used fixed (straight up and down) or adjustable (slanted), similar to what is called the "weave-a-matic" method. The poles are 36" tall and evenly spaced apart at a standard distance of 24" (same distance used for all size dogs). Comes with FREE decorative tape for the poles, and easy assembly instructions. Each set comes with a FREE connector kit to connect two sets together and make a 12 pole set.

  • Adjustable to either fixed or slanted
  • Lightweight, portable & versatile
  • Made in the USA

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