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Agility Training

Wing Pair French Style

Wings are decorative accessories for dressing up your jumps. Wings add flair, color, and a "doggy distraction" to courses...but more importantly, the additional space on each side of the jump makes the dog have to jump farther away from you - thus the challenge of "distance work" that jumps with wings offer! These wings can be easily attached to any of our jumps with the included ball-bungees that wrap around the uprights of the jump. They may also be attachable to other jumps you purchased elsewhere. The wings are all approximately 3' high by 2' wide. Some assembly is required, including decorating. They come undecorated but you will get FREE red and blue colored tape to decorate the wings yourself, in whatever design you desire. 

Note: the wings come in a pair and they attach to a jump. Jumps are sold separately. 

  • Wings are attachable to almost any jump (even jumps purchased elsewhere)
  • Made in the USA

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