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Agility Tunnel Sack (Pair)

You want your tunnel to stay in place once you set it up, right? Right! But sometimes you need a little help keeping your carefully placed tunnel from getting knocked down or blown over. Whether it's the ordinary jostling of dogs speeding through a course, or even a gusty breeze, our Tunnel Sacks are the best way to keep everything where it belongs! You may have seen something similar to these sold elsewhere as Tunnel Holder Bags, Saddle Bags, Obstacle Sand Bags, Tunnel Bags, or Tunnel Weight Bags.  Our Tunnel Sacks have a unique design that allows you to fill the bag with any weighted material (such as sand). They're a 'snap' to fill, close, pick up, and move around.

Each Tunnel sack pair comes with two bags, and an extra-long adjustable strap that works with any diameter tunnel, barrel or chute. This is typically enough to secure one end of a practice tunnel. 

  • Measures approximately 15" tall by 8 1/4" wide
  • Each pair comes with 2 sacks and (1) extra-long adjustable strap that works with any diameter tunnel
  • Made of a strong nylon with water-proof PVC backing
  • "Quick-Release" buckle with heavy duty webbing
  • Water repellent and water resistant
  • Each sack holds up to 10 pounds of sand (not included)
  • Extra-long strap accommodates any size tunnel
  • Only available in Yellow
  • Made in the USA

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