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PULLER is an innovative dog fitness tool which consist of 2 rings. Regular workouts with PULLER solve the problem of lack of physical and emotional activity and help dog owners bond with their pets. Training workout with PULLER doesn’t take much time. 20 minute workout with PULLER = 5 km / 3 mi running


  • Puller is more than just a toy for dogs. This is a fitness tool! Puller fitness training consists of 2 rings which greatly increases the intensity of the workout
  • It's light; which allows the owner to train a dog for a long time it's easy to work with even for children and women
  • Unique material it does not damage dog's teeth and gums
  • It floats; which opens up additional opportunities in training and interacting with the dog
  • It is odorless; which is very important when training dogs puller does not leave an odor on the hands unlike most dog products


Diameter Thickness Weight per Ring
Mini 7 inches 7/8 inch 2 Oz
Midi 8 inches 1.4 Inches 4 Oz
Standard 11 Inches 2 inches 9 Oz
Maxi 11 Inches 3 Inches 20 Oz


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