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Pros and Cons of Doggy Daycare

March 01, 2018

Pros and Cons of Doggy Daycare

Just because you work long hours doesn't mean you can't be a pet parent. Many people think leaving their pet home alone isn't fair. While that may be true, that's a reason doggy daycares exist. While it's a good option for many, it may have a downside that some pet owners don't consider when signing their fluffy buddy up for day stays.


-Some pets can be destructive when alone, either as a form of separation anxiety or just plain boredom. They may tear up furniture, clothes, or shoes, dig through the garbage, or look for ways out of the house. Leaving your nosy pup in a daycare where people are around the clock and where they're able to socialize can relieve their gnawing tendencies.

-They're surrounded by people who are generally passionate about animals. They've devoted their career to taking care of animals just like theirs and provide care they would want for them, for you and your pet.

-Your pet can get the socialization with other animals that they wouldn't get at home.


-Not all pet care facilities can be trusted. Your pet is your baby: your pet care facility should meet the same standards of any care facility you would use for your own child. Being sure that you aren't registering your pet for somewhere overcrowded or neglectful is important. Take a tour of the daycare, inquire what food they're fed, and ask to see some pets that are current clients in their daily routine.

-While socialization is important, some dogs might develop behavioral issues that affect you at home or in your daily routine. Being around other dogs, they may try to be dominant, mark territory, or bark excessively. While this can be fixed with basic retraining, it's something to take into account.

-Just like in a kid daycare, dog daycares might experience outbreaks of illness. Fleas, ticks, and kennel cough can all be spread easily when dogs are kept so close to one another. Being sure your dog is up to date on shots and flea control is important, but not always most preventative.

Doggy daycare isn't for every dog, but for some could be the best option for day to day care. Taking these pros and cons into account when shopping around for your furry buddy's play place is ideal for a wonderful doggy daycare experience.

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