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Meet the Team

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"Fur-Mom" / Monica

I love dogs, but who doesn't right?? I have always had a dog in my life and I could not imagine it any other way. I am currently a "Fur-Mom" to 2 block-headed bully breeds, Rocky & Bella. I started this business shortly after adopting my first "bully breed". I knew right then and there that I wanted to be an pit bull advocate and give back to the animal community. Since I have a demanding day job, I figured the best way to help others in need was to open a business that I could run in my spare time, after I come home from work (a.k.a. at night when everyone else is sleeping). Happy Tail Pet Supply gives back by donating much needed animal supplies to rescues in need.

I am passionate about feeding the best food & treats that you can afford as well as taking super good care of your best friend. You could say that my dogs eat better than I do!! I always have a pocket full of delicious high value treats - which has earned me the nickname "treat lady" with all of my dog friends. I find pet nutrition fascinating and I LOVE to see how food can help animals THRIVE.  I am certified in pet food nutrition and I am currently taking classes towards my certificate in raw dog food nutrition and herbology. I openly share my knowledge on pet nutrition on our Happy Tail Pet Supply Facebook page.

  Pet Food Nutrition

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Chief Treat Tester / Rocky

Rocky is absolutely the KING of picky eaters. If he likes it - it's almost guaranteed that your fur-kid will be over the moon for it too!!  Rocky is a bully / boxer mix that we adopted in 2011 from Rugaz Rescue, when he was just 11 weeks.  Rocky believes in giving back too and is an active therapy dog and blood donor. He is very high energy and goes on daily 3+ mile walks as well as participating in agility, frisbee, lure coursing, rally and Barnhunt.

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Chief Toy Tester & Power Chewer / Bella

Bella is the QUEEN of destroying stuff - especially toys. Needless to say we have been through many many toys at our house. Bella came to us at 7 weeks old as a foster from Rugaz Rescue, we quickly knew that we were going to be "foster failures" and that Bella had found her forever home. Bella is a tomboy and has a rough and tumble style of play, which basically means she lives to destroy stuff.  If you give her a toy, chances are she will "de-stuff" it, break it or chew it to pieces within minutes. Given her love of toys and non-stop chewing, we decided to put her to work as our Chief Toy Tester & Power Chewer. In her spare time Bella enjoys agility and she has some mad Frisbee skills.