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Holiday Advent Calendar

Our holiday advent calendar contains 25 different healthy handpicked treats.   Over 90+ treats in total and most days have 3 treats, making this perfect for multiple dog households. If less than 3 treats per square then the treat is easily breakable into smaller pieces. If the treats are small there could be up to 9 treats per square. The advent calendar box comes with a cheat sheet showing ingredients for each square along with a place for you to record how much your dog liked the treat.

This Thanksgiving bring your host an advent calendar rather than a boring bottle of wine!!
Note: treats may vary based on availability.

 Key Benefits:

  • You get 25 days of healthy dog treats.  Over 90 treats in total 
  • Handpicked just for your dog, so you can be sure your dog is only getting quality items.  
  • Holiday fun!!

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