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Running Buddy Magnetic Treat Pouch Large

The revolutionary patented Running Buddy™ is a lightweight, belt-free running pouch with a water-resistant inner pocket. Made with dri-fit material, the Running Buddy keeps all your running essentials including inhalers and EpiPens, sweat-free and dry. New & stronger, magnets keep the 2015 Running Buddy in one place, no matter how intense of a pace you're setting! The Running Buddy is made to fit most popular phones, including the iPhone 6™ and Samsung Galaxy S V™. 


  • Main compartment is 6" Long x 4" High
  • Multi-Purpose Treat Pouch "No Belt or Clip Required"
  • Magnetically Connects to Any Waistband for a Secure Hold
  • Holds All Your Essentials - Dog Treats, Phone, Keys, Waste Bags, Pepper Spray, etc
  • Two Inner Pockets (One Water-Resistant) Allowing Separation of Essential Items
  • #1 Pouch for Dog Agility Trials & AKC Dog Shows