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Braided Fleece Tug

This handmade braided fleece tug toy is different from other fleece toys because instead of using a regular braid, this fleece tugs is made with box knots, creating a very durable, long-lasting tug toy. The knots are tied very tightly, making the tug very solid. Measures almost 25" long, with approximately 16" between the two knots with a circumference of about 4" around. A tug this size, using this super strong square weave, will hold up extremely well with any dog. This fleece tug toy makes a great gift for any dog that loves to play tug or fetch, and the jumbo size allows multiple dogs to get in on the fun!

** Please note that this is an interaction toy, not a chew toy. This tug toys are made of fleece and can be destroyed. We always recommend supervising your dog with toys.**

Colors vary and will consist of 2 of the following colors:  red, yellow, white, black or neon green.