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Bionic Ball Large

Practically indestructible, the proprietary Bionic Rubber material ensures that your dog will enjoy playing with the Bionic Ball for a long time.

Throw the bionic ball against the spine and it bounces normally. When your dog thinks he knows where its going to bounce, throw the bionic ball against the opening to create an unpredictable bounce that's hours of fun!


  • Same size as a tennis ball – so its familiar to your dog and fits your existing chucking/throwing toys!
  • Bounce against (hole edges) openings for unpredictable bounce
  • Bounce against spine for normal bounce
  • Stuff with peanut butter or treats, to help ease separation anxiety when you are away
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Easy to see color
  • Floats, making the Bionic Ball a great water toy!
  • Large size, recommended for Dogs 30-60 lbs

    Note: Bionic toys are highly durable and last a long time. However, years of research have taught us that there are roughly 1% of dogs that can still find a way to damage, break and in rare cases, destroy the bionic toys. Therefore, always supervise your dog's use of Bionic toys. If your dog breaks or damages any toy, remove it from them immediately. If your dog is in this rare "breed" of dog and has destroyed one of our chew toys beyond what you feel is reasonable the manufacture will provide you with a free one-time replacement guarantee.