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Canine Activ

CanineActiv Safe Pain Relief contains the ingredient, Alpha-GEE®, a unique compound made of naturally occurring amino acids found in natural sources and endogenous to a dog’s body. They are part of a dog’s normal healing process and CanineActiv helps optimize restoration of healthy mobility. 

CanineActiv is the only supplement that improves mobility with 1-7 days, and it’s the only supplement that addresses activity induced inflammation and soreness.  Canine Activ contains Alpha-GEE®, which is a unique amino acid-based peptide that has been clinically proven to be both safe (non-toxic) and effective for activity-induced pain and inflammation. Alpha-GEE promotes your dog’s natural recovery process, and gives your dog increased mobility and comfort without any negative side-effects.


  • PERFECT FOR AGING DOGS - Canine Activ helps aging dogs stay active by easing muscle and joint inflammation.
  • NON-TOXIC & SAFE SOLUTION - Canine Activ is recommended by numerous vets and trusted by thousands of dog owners.
  • PREVENTATIVE - Safe for daily use to prevent activity induced inflammation in dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.
  • PATENTED ALPHA-GEE - a unique peptide compound conjugated from various essential and conditionally essential amino acids found in natural sources. Canine Activ is the first and only dog supplement with exclusive rights to Alpha-Gee.
  • CanineActiv does not interact with any joint supplements or any other supplements.  It has no known side effects and can be used daily over long periods without any harm
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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