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Extreme Seam Invincibles Orange Gecko 2 Squeak

Keeps Squeaking Even When Punctured!!

When it comes to squeaker toys, dogs are out to seek and destroy. Dogs love toys that squeak, but lose interest after the "music" stops. Why buy squeaker toys that are squeak-less within a matter of minutes? That’s why we’ve developed the best squeaker defense technology in the business. Extreme Seam Invincibles keep squeaking even after being punctured. With double-layered seams and an inner liner of durable material, these Invincibles can withstand attacks from the sharpest teeth and toughest claws. It all adds up to a squeaker toy that’s built stronger to last longer. Our stuffing-less Invincibles Orange Gecko keeps squeaking, even after being punctured, and contains two Invincibles squeakers. Long live this toy!

Invincibles have it all:

  • EXTREME, double layered seams
  • Inner liner of DURA TUFF™material
  • Squeakers that keep squeaking even when punctured
  • Softness of toys is safe for indoor play
  • Made specifically for dogs--no plastic eyes or noses to chew off and swallow