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Happy Tail's ODOR FREE Bully Sticks (10 Pack)

Happy Tail's All-Natural Bully Sticks are only sourced from grass fed, free range cattle and livestock, with NO Added hormones, steroids, antibiotics or added chemicals. Bully sticks are an excellent alternative to rawhides. Happy Tail's All-Natural Bully Sticks are only sourced from USA or Brazil. 

Pricing is for a 10 pack of Bully Sticks 

  • Happy Tail's only carries the absolute best bully sticks for your dog. All-natural, grass fed, free range USA or Brazilian Beef
  • Happy Tail's bully sticks contain No Hormones, Antibiotics, Preservatives, Chemicals or Additives
  • Happy Tail's bully sticks are ONLY sourced from cattle in the USA or South America
  • Bully Sticks are a natural alternative to rawhide: Bully sticks are a single ingredient and fully digestible
  • Promotes Dental Health: Bully Sticks Scrape Away Tartar and Plaque and help improve your dogs oral hygiene
  • Quality standard select bully sticks, thickness varies
  • 100% Odor Free Bully Sticks
  • Happy Tail's 100% money back guarantee that you will love these ODOR FREE bully sticks 

  • Thin: Bully weighs less than 0.6 oz or 17 grams, average weight 0.4 oz or 11 grams
  • Regular: Bully between 0.6 - 0.9 oz or 17 - 25 grams, average weight 0.4 oz or 21 grams
  • Thick: Bully between 0.95 - 1.3 oz or 16 - 36 grams, average weight 1.15 oz or 32 grams
  • Jumbo: Bully between 1.35 - 1.55 oz or 38 - 43 grams, average weight 1.4 oz or 39 grams
  • Mega: Bully over 1.6 oz or 45 grams, average weight 1.8 oz or 51 grams

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