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K-9 Kraving Raw Beef Bones Frozen Raw Dog Food

Frozen Raw Product Available for Local Delivery ONLY!

K-9 Kraving's frozen raw diet dog food, supplements and all-natural dried dog treats are produced using meats, bones, vegetables and supplements that are sourced from the USA (except for Wild-Caught Mackerel that is imported from Canadian waters.)  Everything is manufactured in a USDA approved human grade facility in Baltimore, MD. 

K-9 Kraving's does not contain any added chemicals or preservatives. Produced in small 250-pound batches which are carefully and accurately measured for continuity in quality, nutritional value and texture.


  • No High Pressure Processing (no HPP) mean the bioavailability of the food remains unchanged 
  • Made in a USDA Human Grade facility, with USA Born, Bred & Raised Ingredients 


1 bone per week as desired

2-3″ small breeds *(2 unit / vac pkg)
4-6″ medium breeds
7-9″ large breeds

KNUCKLES: 1 – size
Recommended for aggressive chewers and/or large & strong jawed canines


100% Beef Bones (from healthy bovine)