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My Dog Nose It Sunscreen

Unlike human sunscreen, My Dog Nose It is non toxic and has other great benefits.

Dries quicklyHeals and adds moisturePrevents nose color from fadingUse on nose, ears and other unprotected areasGreat for all breeds and lifestyles0.5 ounce jar is a 4 month supply if used everydayNew 2.75 ounce size is for multi-pet parents as well as horse ownersParaben FreeProudly Made in the USA

Skin cancer isn’t just on the rise with humans, but also our pets! My Dog Nose It was created to keep your best friend safe from the environment they love to play and be in! Completely natural, My Dog Nose It acts as a barrier from the sun and environment. This nontoxic formula is safe for use on any Fido or Fifi. What’s not safe? Human sunscreen! Please don’t use your SPF on your pets as most ingredients are poisonous to animals. Our revolutionary new product not only protects your pet, but it also soothes and heals by adding moisture. Whether catching a frisbee, learning to heel, or going for a swim, keep your dog healthy and safe with My Dog Nose It


Active: Octinoxate USP 7.5% (derived from Cinnamon oil) UV-absorberOxybenzone USP 3% (derived from Benzoic acid, from gum benzoin) UV-absorber

Inactive: Carnauba Wax from the Carnaubeira Palm leaves, natural esters help to coat skinCorn Starch from corn grain, used for product consistency/uniformityEthylhexyl Stearate from coconut oil, emollient esterHydrogenated Castor Oil from castor oil, used to thicken anhydrous balmsOzokerite from earth wax, used for skin protectionRicinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil unique oil for product spreadabilitySchhinziophyton Rautanenii (Mongongo) Kernel Oil from the African Mongongo tree, used for centuries as a natural skin protectantSilica porous sand for product thickeningSorbitan Sesquioleate derived from sorbitol & olive oilTalc earth mineral, for product spreadability