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MYOS Canine Muscle Formula

MYOS Canine Muscle Formula is powered by Fortetropin, an all-natural advanced nutrition product made from raw fertilized egg yolk that has been clinically shown to reduce muscle atrophy in dogs and help them recover from injury.  MYOS is consumed in a powder that dogs love!

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was performed at the University of Tampa to evaluate the impact of Fortetropin on muscle mass.  Young men, 18-21 years old, were randomly assigned to consume either Fortetropin or placebo for 12 weeks while performing supervised resistance training twice per week.  A dietician worked with each subject weekly and prescribed an individually based diet such that over the course of the study there were no statistical differences in total calories and macronutrients between groups. The key findings were:

  • Subjects who consumed Fortetropin experienced ~3-fold gains in muscle mass when compared with subjects who received placebo.
  • No significant change in serum cholesterol levels in any group.
  • There were no adverse events reported during this clinical study.


Small Dog 0-24lbs: 1 scoop daily

Medium Dog 25-50 lbs: 2 scoops daily

Large Dog 50+lbs: 4 scoops daily



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