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Sense-ation Dog Harness

Concepts from horse training can help you better understand your dog. Both dogs and horses have a similar response to sense of touch. They brace against pressure (opposition reflex) which is why dogs brace against collars and pull on leashes. With our harness design, fit, and methods dogs feel gentle pressure (sensations) like horses feel a rider's leg pressure. This helps your dog sense how to follow a leash which increases communication.

The SENSE-ation Dog Harness is the original front-leash attachment harness that greatly reduces pulling - without choking your pet. The SENSE-ation Dog Harness helps you communicate clearly with your dog's sense of touch. As you move your leash in certain directions, you dog feels gentle pressure (sensations) behind the front legs and shoulders. This triggers an instinct to brace against the pressure and encourage your dog to move with you, without pulling on the leash!


  • Gentler dog walks
  • Easy to use right away; Free Instruction Booklet included
  • The original front-leash attachment harness
  • Awarded Gear of The Year by The Whole Dog Journal
  • Custom Softouch polyester webbing; Short coat dogs especially benefit from the soft and pliable girth strap
  • Side-positioned buckle prevents irritation
  • Strap keepers prevent webbing from slipping
  • Prevents choking, stress and injuries
  • Helps solve pulling, lunging, jumping and other on-leash problems
  • Easy on and off
  • Nickel plated, steel and welded O-rings for strength

    How to Measure Your Dog: 
    To measure for the SENSE-ation Dog Harness, use a soft measuring tape (or a piece of string) and measure from just behind the front legs all the way around your dog. You are measuring the circumference of the body just behind the front legs, like measuring for a "belt." Then go to the sizing chart using the girth measurement. Choose the LARGEST size that fits within that measurement. So, for example, if your dog has a 20" girth, we recommend the size Small for the best fit. 
  • Note: The SENSE-ation Dog Harness is not for use as a tie-out, car harness, or for on-leash running/jogging