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Untangler Extra Long Grooming Rake

Untangler Extra-Long Grooming Rake with 1.25" ex-long rotating teeth reach deep to the skin level easily lifting out loose hair. Ex-Long teeth are essential to deep clean thick and double coated Breeds. Smooth round tips massage and rub the skin stimulating natural oil production which is your pups natural defense against dry, itchy skin. Natural oils are spread throughout the coat as you rake giving the coat a natural sheen. Made in USA.



  • Humane dematting:  stainless-steel teeth continually rotate 360 degrees while moving up and down, preventing hair from snagging on the pin and pulling on the hair follicle or undercoat which preventing animals from feeling pain.
  • Increases pet health: rotating teeth “rub” and massage the skin increasing circulation which keeps skin and coats clean and healthy. The massaging action of the rotating teeth stimulate natural oils in your pets skin giving your pet a natural shiny and healthy coat.
  • Never Tarnish: solid stainless-steel teeth never tarnish; can be safely disinfected in solutions preventing the spread of diseases.
  • Secure binding: sonic welded binding prevent pins from falling out, keeping children and pets safe from chewing or swallowing loose pins. 
  • Comfort Grip – 1"x1"x1" thick handle allows a solid comfort giving you easy movement for grooming under legs, around neck and hard to reach areas. Very easy to maneuver.  
  • Perfect for: Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhounds, German Shepherds, Collies, Goldens, St Bernard's, Malamutes 
  • Made with precision and care in the USA (Chicago, IL). 

When it comes to tangles or snarls, the Extra Long Grooming rake from the Untangler is perfect for pets. Not only will the rotating teeth of this comb glide through tough tangles, but it will also help to remove loose or dead hair from your pet’s undercoat.

The Extra Long Grooming rake rotates, massages and stimulates while you comb and detangles, giving your pet the tender touch they will love.   The rotating action also stimulates natural oils in the skin giving your pet a healthy and shiny coat.

Available in Black or Yellow (We will choose Color)