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Natural Hound / Wild Chewz Deer Antler Whole - Large

Wild Chewz® Deer Antler Chews are from naturally shed antlers which re-grow every year. Antlers are high in nutrients which make them very healthy treats for your dog. Their hard structure provides an unusually long lasting and entertaining chew for your dog, while helping maintain dental health.

Please note, Wild Chewz® Antlers Chews are an 100% organic natural, single-ingredient provided by mother nature. For this reason, the item your dog receives may vary in appearance from the items in the photos.

Give your dog something tasty and healthy to chomp on with Wild Chewz Antler Dog Chew! These antlers, which by the way, are shed naturally by deer every year, provide great treats for your dog that are healthy and 100% natural. High in calcium and protein, Wild Chewz Antler Dog Chews will keep your dog busy and happy!

  • Weigh between 7oz - 10oz
  • Wild Chewz are gathered from the forest floor and distributed shortly thereafter, keeping them fresh, to preserve their native smell and taste
  • 100% natural, no chemicals and/or cleaners added, as Nature intended
  • Natural chew for dogs
  • High in calcium and protein
  • Prevents tartar build-up
  • Long-lasting and odorless
  • Always supervise when your dog is chewing