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GoBelly's Meat Twist 11 Inch

Our All-Natural Meat Twists are sourced from free range cattle, with NO Added hormones, steroids, antibiotics or added chemicals.   The Meat Twist is a full 11 inches of beef backstrap (also called paddywack) wrapped in a yummy beef gullet.  This combination treat is an excellent alternative to rawhide and bully sticks. Gullet is a softer chew that is high in protein, low in fat and made from 100% all natural beef. An excellent source of glucosamine which aids in joint health. Our gullet is only sourced from USA or South American Beef. 


  • We only carry the absolute best chews for your dog. All-natural, free range USA or South American Beef
  • Hard crunchy beef backstrap wrapped in a delicious beef gullet/
  • Our meat twist treats contain No Hormones, Antibiotics, Preservatives, Chemicals or Additives
  • Easy to digest, ideal for sensitive stomachs 
  • Our beef treats are ONLY sourced from cattle in the USA or South America
  • Meat Twists are a natural alternative to rawhide - single sourced 100% beef and fully digestible
  • Promotes Dental Health and helps improve your dogs oral hygiene
  • Gullet is an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which offers a boost for joint health
  • Quality standard select gullet, due to being a natural product thickness per stick may vary
  • Nutritional Information

    Ingredients: 100% Beef